We have pilots who hustle and supply solid bag production figures in any terrain using the automatic bag runner. Our hard work, team play and seismic knowledge will ensure that you will easily reach your expectant profit and may surprise you by going beyond.


Our production long-line, automatic bag runner pilots will keep your crew moving, shaking and shooting to deliver great daily production figures. * Our experienced pilots bring to you skills, accuracy, and speed to accomplish all tasks safely and profitably.

It usually takes many months for a pilot to acquire the skills to be a highly effective production seismic pilot. The pilot must also have the proper training to be efficient, effective, and safe. All pilots are given a "Seismic Pilot Course". This may be up to two days depending on the experience level of the pilot in seismic operations. Training includes technical knowledge, team work and dealing with production pressure. A work ethic of preparedness accomplish all tasks are instilled in all pilots. Completing a job safely is paramount.

"Pick up" using the automatic bag runner is broken down into a group of basic steps and reviewed between seismic pilots of all experience levels using this unique bag runner training model. Pick up techniques on slopes, with obstacles, in snow and uneven terrain are thoroughly discussed with all pilots. The original seismic safety film is for pilots and engineers and runs 35 minutes. An in depth discussion on Human Factors and long lining the seismic site is included. Numerous long lining procedures are brought forward and explained to ensure that a pilot will be trained to operate their safest. Various ways an engineer can participate to make a safer seismic staging area are also discussed.

* Pickup and layout speeds can vary greatly according to wind, weather, obstacles (trees, sage brush, and cattle), steepness of slope, and distance to the staging area. Range approximately 15-20 bags per hour depending on conditions. The average is 24-35 bags per hour.