Commitment to Safety

Guardian Helicopters is committed to ensuring safety is the highest priority at all levels of operations, ultimately our goal is to produce an accident and injury free environment. To accomplish this goal, our culture is founded on the principles of continuous training, vigilance, prevention, open communication, and the development of a safety based business. The health and safety of employees and passengers, as well as the protection of the environment and our customers' assets, are of the utmost importance.


Guardian Helicopters safety record is a testament to our comprehensive safety and training programs. We routinely complete technical and safety audits by domestic organizations who are significant users of helicopters. Guardian Helicopters is also recognized by programs such as the Alberta Provincial Government's "Certificate of Recognition". With years of experience and thousands of flight hours, Guardian Helicopters is a leader in development & design of safety management standards and operating procedures. Guardian Helicopters encourages safety and technical audits; in fact, we view technical audits as an excellent method of evaluating safety standards and performance.


Guardian Helicopters' Safety Programs are designed to heighten safety awareness, environmental protection and provide operational policies and guidelines for both air and ground operations. Senior management's commitment to safety is the driving force behind a proactive safety culture. Safety Programs are administered at the senior management level providing each division with the experience and authority to administer company safety programs effectively. Components of the Safety Programs include:


The Deeper SMS Safety Management systems form the core of Guardian Helicopters. It was developed in-house; Deeper SMS is the hub and central repository for all employees training. The Training modules were specifically designed for Management, Office Staff, Pilots, and Engineers. Detailed tracking ensures all our staff are always up-to-date. The system is online and available for staff to have access to their specific modules 24-7.